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EXCLUSIVO - Interview to the Recency Shop

is a site that has design features of known contemporary artists, which can dazzle us and we can buy online at our desire.
Beginning with the news, the site is simple, the pieces that come in different tabs, can beautify and bring us to stay at home.

The Marshmallow sofa www.regencyshop.com/Sofas-/-Sectionals/c32/p90/Marshmallow-Sofa/product_info.html originally designed by George Nelson, the Pastil Chair of Eero www.regencyshop.com/Chairs-/-Loungers-Lounge-Chairs/c24_26/p111/Pastil-Chair/product_info.html, the Barcelona chair www.regencyshop.com/barcelona-chair.html , the EZ Lounge Chair www.regencyshop.com/eames-lounge-chair.html and the stool Sori Yanagi Butterfly www.regencyshop.com/Ottomans-/-Benches/c25/p121/Sori-Yanagi-Butterfly-Style-Stool/product_info.html are the many examples that come with the view and we could have in our homes quick and easily.

From a comment to a number of design blog, the interview to the Regency Shop came to present the site and the parts held.

puradiletante - 1. Create a site with open invitation to people to see the designer´s most wanted pieces is risky and witching. What can you tell us about the creation of the idea?
Regency Shop - The idea was to offer high quality replicas of mid-century designs at affordable prices. We also wanted encourage new and upcoming designers to showcase their products through our site.

puradiletante - 2. You have the Ball chair from Eero Aarnio passing through the Marshmallow sofa, which was originally made by George Nelson, and, not forgetting, the Ibiza chair. The public of the site has the look more concentrated in the contemporary design?
Regency Shop - Yes, more of our customers are design connosieurs. Who have a good eye for contemporary furniture.

puradiletante - 3. In the Clearance Sale you have pieces that had a substantial discount, like the Hanging Bubble Chair, inspite in many other sites can reach a demand exaggerated. How and why do you select these kind of pieces?
Regency Shop - The bubble chair is on limited time clearance, this chair can add class and culture to any living space. This is one of our most popular chairs.

puradiletante - 4. The Contemporary Ideas demonstrate the different ways to advice the costumer, before and after the buy, to satisfy him. Do you pretend to extend that sector of advice?
Regency Shop - We do help the customers in deciding what colors or designs will work best with their homes.

puradiletante - 5. The Regency Shop sells pieces from some famous designers. You are watchful and bet in the new designers, coming out from universities, yet without that experience demonstrated?
Regency Shop - Yes, we encourage new designers also.

puradiletante - 6. If a customer want an especific article that in the Regency Shop doesn´t appear, how do you fulfill the costumer´s desire?
Regency Shop - We can order it from them if they are willing to be patient.

puradiletante - 7. Being a new trend, in the future, you will be interested in creating a counseling environment for home?
Regency Shop - Yes, definitely.

Thank you for this opportunity.
For more information: www.regencyshop.com

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