quinta-feira, 28 de novembro de 2013

ESPECIAL: Ai, Ai a minha rica casinha!!!

Source: Marie Claire Maison
One day when I grow up (wait, what? wait a minture……) I’m going to have a space of my own and fill it with all the things you see above. Especially that chandelier. Fact.
Source: Lucas Allen
If you happen to find yourself in New York before Christmas, make time to head down to 120 Spring Street, Soho. There you will find Evolution. Possibly one of the most fascinating shops I’ve been to, full of skulls, bones, taxidermy animals, fossils, skeletons, crystals and so much more!. There is something to see at every turn and they even have their own entomology department. With their help you can create your own butterfly box - a great Christmas present!.

Source: The Socialite Family
More hours spent renovating. What fun! What are you up to on this fine Sunday?
Source: My Milieu
How do you decorate your walls? Are they crammed full of your life collections? family photos? a single oversized piece or vast blank spaces? It’s a very personal thing and can be a very effective way to add focus, interest, colour and personality to your home. 
Source: Living Corriere
This is the kitchen that lost out to yesterday’s post - but for no other reason than yesterday’s was bright and the day outside was….. shite…..yeah, sophisticated poetry there. In all seriousness I love the colours of this kitchen. The soft grey blue colour and the graphic tiles make it quirky and unexpected. I like that! and it hints at retro while still being contemporary. Job well done!

Manic Monday: chromatic library (via Interior inspirations)
Terrace House in Singapore by Architology

Terrace House in Singapore by Architology
Source: AD
Simple, tailored with just the right amount of quirk. Definitely a better grey than the one I posted here.

Source: The Names Agency
Rather regal bathroom. Are you a fan of house plants? I have to admit I struggle to even keep my basil plant alive most of the time and grimace at the thought of having to look after something larger! Plus I’m rather fussy about what plants I like and I tend to lean towards quite oversized or big leafed ones like Blue Hosta or the Fiddle Leaf Fig. Maybe one day I’ll get one…….

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